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So pissed. I put off finishing this drawing for months because I’m so intimidated by the idea of drawing hair and I fucked it up.

I think DW may have just hinted at moving in together in the foreseeable future and I’m a little cauldron of swirling, bubbling, magical and terrifying emotions.

D.W. has been making some cool drawings lately and I wanted to spread his oddball talent.
I happily own the first and last piece.

Street tacos, records, homemade icecream and margaritas. Great days off with a rad guy.

Robin Williams, 1951-2014

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Got paid $12 an hour to deface my company’s massage stock photos today and eat Chinese food.

Constantly working on a possible playlist for a guest dj night I’ll probably never have the balls to do.


this week’s MMO is up on VICE 

Uncool things include your boss calling you at 10:30 pm telling you to come in at 10 the next morning.

**more uncool things: Showing up at 10 am and being told to come back at 2.

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I just got moved up to the equivalent of an assistant manager at the massage clinic where I work, along with a 50% raise. I’m now making more than I ever had in my life until now, with less stress and workload, all because I off-handedly complained about my paycheck in front of my manager.

Complaining rocks. Whiners rule.

I’m a handsome lady and a pretty boy.