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Got my car fixed. Let me come visit you next week after Easter.


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Update: they let me into the dog aquarium and I loved every minute of it. Dog love scratches on my neck.

Ugh my neighbors have their two German Shepherds behinds a glass door. It’s like a dog aquarium and I can’t pet them.

Lonely cemetery plans canceled due to rain.
Backup plan: eating egg whites in unflattering positions.






April 14th- The day Mulder woke up in Scully’s bed wearing nothing but his underwear.

#this day in history

National Holiday

never 4get

god damnit thanks interNOT

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Recent purchases from Etsy.
Bandanas and patches and cruelty-free animal parts!

Skill set: identifying voice actors/thinking of the word you’re trying to remember/quoting standup comedy

High standards but bringing nothing to the table.

Send me your address so I can send you shitty art in cool envelopes and wait by my mailbox for your reply.

Titties so fine Mulder had to put glasses on to examine this XXX File

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Is she consenting?

Eh, it’s a stretch.

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My webcam’s exposure is crazy high and I don’t know how to fix it. -_-